Making the move to renewable heating

Air Source & Ground Source Heat pumps are growing in popularity, providing a renewable alternative to home heating for well-insulated, energy-efficient properties.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are the most popular. Working like a fridge in reverse, the ASHP sits on the outside of a property, drawing in cold air and converting this to heat for home heating and hot water. ASHP’s run off electricity and work best/are most cost-effective in properties that are properly insulated with double-glazing, particularly those benefitting from underfloor heating (although ASHPs do still work well with radiators).

Air Source Heat Pumps

Stop press!

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme offers £5,000 towards to cost of replacing a fossil fuel boiler with an ASHP or £6,000 for a GSHP.

To benefit from the scheme, you must choose an MCS Certified company to install and commission the heat pump.

Heat pump services from Heat IQ

We supply and install air and ground source heat pumps from Daikin, the UK’s leading heat pump manufacturer. In fact, we’re a preferred installer and play host to a Daikin Sustainable Homes Centre at our headquarters in Halifax. You can visit the centre to find out more about heat pumps.

Whether you need a new heat pump, or your existing system requires maintenance or repairs, Heat IQ can:

  • Advise of the most efficient and cost effective heat pump for your property
  • Explain the benefits of a heat pump and how they work, over the phone, in your home or at our Daikin Sustainable Homes Centre
  • Provide expert installation, including supporting radiators or underfloor heating
  • Service and maintain existing heat pumps

What happens when you enquire about a heat pump?

If you are looking to upgrade to an air or ground source heat pump, contact our helpful team. They will need to know a few things about your property.

  • How many rooms need heating?
  • How many bathrooms do you have?
  • What’s in your bathrooms? (power showers, baths etc.)
  • How many radiators do you have/what size are they?
  • Do you have (or plan to have) underfloor heating?
  • Do you need new radiators? Swapping old radiators for high efficiency, thermostatically controlled ones can improve occupant comfort and save on fuel bills. Heat pumps work best with larger radiators than conventionally used with gas central heating.
  • Are you planning to extend your home in the future?